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The element behind the word map has three tasks:

  1. Clicking on "map" opens this page with help on the preview map.
  2. Hovering the cursor over the word "map" get the preview map visible. The preview map typically indicates a location through a marker.
    With a Mobile Phone please keep the link "map" until the context menu let you open the link.
  3. Clicking on the button 'Full View', extends the preview map to full screen.

The marker indicating a map location

The preview map shows a merker at the position of the location.

If the location is not a point on the map the markers gives you at least a hint where the picture was taken or which are it shows.

Preview map

If the preview map is visible, you can move the cursor over its area. In this state, you have the following options:

  • You can search for map locations by name.
  • You can switch to 'Full View'.
  • You can change the zoom level using the mouse wheel.
  • You can shift the map throught dragging the cursor while the left maouse button is pressed.

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